Psychic Skills Class - FREE Gift to awaken your Intuition!

   In this class you will learn to:

  • Make better decisions quicker
  • Trust and rely on your own Intuitive Guidance
  • Experience more Magic, Miracles, and Manifestations in your life
  • Experience True Peace of Mind and confidence in any situation
  • Clear discernment of your absolute "yes's" and "no's"

Anna Naturalista - Oracle Teacher 

Founder of Miracle Matrix Leadership Academy

Find out what YOUR Psychic SuperPower is Today!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

2.  The Six Psychic Skills

Discover the Big-Six of Intuition and what each SuperHuman ability is, what they do and how to Awaken, Activate and Apply them to You life!​​​​​​​

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 You Will Learn How to Awaken Your Psychic SuperPowers in 3 Simple Steps!

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1.  Clear the Blocks

Purify and reprogram the environment and energetic influences in your beliefs and life so You can be a clear channel of Psychic communication.

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Know what your dominant Psychic Skill is first and perfect it so you can then embody the others, because we all have access to all of them...just in different ways.

3.  Claim Your Unique Abilities

What People Experience

with Anna

"Anna has a deep gift as a conduit for Spirit, and holds a powerful container for group transformation, ceremony and empowerment.  I highly recommend Anna’s work and her classes to anyone who is ready to come home to themselves and be all that they came here to be.”

Prema Gaia, Co-Founder of The Goddess Temple Of Ashland

“I am beyond grateful for Anna's support and guidance. Working with Anna has helped me so much on my own healing journey of self-love and finding my truth. She is a powerful oracle, a lasersharp reflector and a pure vessel of the Divine."

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Nadine Burger, Environmentalist, Sacred-Space Creator and Designer​​​​​​​

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“Anna Naturalista has mentored some of the most gifted and powerful visionary leaders that I know. Her ability to fluidly merge the spiritual with the practical creates a depth and breadth as a mentor for leaders that is efficient, applicable and actionable for real world solutions to today’s most pressing challenges."

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John Butters, Founder, Experience Tribe​​​​​​​

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